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House Concerts

What is a House Concert
  • A House Concert is a musical performance in your residence
  • Invite your family, friends and aquaintances to enjoy an evening of original music from a songwriter
  • Performances are totally acoustic - no amplification
  • The performance is much more intimate than a small cafe or coffee house
  • The close proximity of the performer to the audience allows for a much greater degree of interaction among the persons in attendance and the artist
  • If you have ever wondered about the inspirtion for a song or how it was written, you just might find out by interacting with the artist
  • Post performance comarderie is encouraged
  • While performances are free of charge, the generosity of you and your guests is greatly appreciated
  • You will not be disappointed

The Details
  • Minimum of ten attendees
  • Performances are generally one to two hours long
  • Performances are scheduled Monday through Friday
  • Performances are all acoustic with no amplification
For more information and to schedule your house concert, please e-mail Nash Rambler at
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