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House Concerts

What is a House Concert

Just as it sounds, a House Concert is a musical performance in your residence.

Much as in days of yore, you invite your friends and aquaintances to enjoy an evening of personal music from a musician at a reasonable cost.

When you contract Nash Rambler for a House Concert the music is ALL original, and a "one-of-a-kind" performance.

Most often the performance is totally acoustic. Amplification is available for larger rooms.

The performance is also much more intimate than even a small cafe or coffee house.

The close proximity of the performer to the audience allows for a much greater degree of interaction among the persons in attendance.

Unlike many other artists, I try to keep my House Concerts in Florida.
This precludes the need for lodging or meals.
I will travel anywhere for the right price.

How may times have you wondered how a song was written?

As a songwriter, a house concert allows the opportunity to prelude each song with an insight into the artist.

Post performance comarderie is encouraged.

You will not be disappointed.
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